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Wrong choice in medical tourism for the love of a candy-coated lie

Wrong choice in medical tourism

When you start working with a new partner, you want to know as much as possible about him, and this is absolutely normal. However, you want not just to get information, but to see and hear what’s right for you. And no matter how paradoxical it may sound, this is the main reason why you make BAD DECISIONS.

An example of self-deception in marketing

Let’s talk about a website that offers information on different medical directions. There are two kinds of such websites: the first is à la Booking, which offers booking on the site and takes a percentage from the order, and the second one is just an information portal with general information about your services.

Most of you will choose the first option because the risks and costs are zero. However, this choice suggests that you don’t know how buyers make decisions in the field of medical services. In addition, it often indicates that you are not familiar with the principles and schemes of the work of the booking websites.

As you know, “Free advice is seldom cheap”, and if you look at the hotel booking today, it becomes a little scary, as it monopolized the hotel market.

The first mistake is that you prefer the simplest options that do not require any costs from you. They will make main things for you: marketing, attracting of the patient, but in the long run, the price you pay will be much higher.

The experienced and competent manager will not agree to this, but if it suits you, and you deliberately agree with such conditions, understanding the consequences of your choice, then it’s your choice.

In this situation, information websites won’t interest you, as they often have to be paid for. In fact, it’s a very good practice, because if they are open to everyone, then they will quickly turn into an information dumpster. In addition, they will not be able to answer your favorite question: how many patients went for treatment abroad through this platform.

By the way, let’s talk more specifically about the questions that you ask. The most frequently asked questions are – How many patients from your country go abroad for treatment? – How many of them went through your platform or website? Why are you asking these questions?

A website that wants to sell will not tell you the truth, and generally, if you work in the field of medical tourism, then you should KNOW THE MARKET. You have to understand what is a promising market, and what market is overflowing with competitors, what market does not exist, but for some reason they are trying to sell it, as very profitable (What do you think, what market is it?). When you are offered a service, you must:

– Be interested in it

– Carry out your own investigation

– Evaluate the situation

– Make a decision

Today, there is a lot of information on the Internet, so we can find answers to all our questions. However, we prefer to ask those who have decided to sell us, naively believing that the answer will be true.

What are the criteria for evaluating the platform or website?


  1. Website design.

It may seem insignificant, but it can tell a lot about the website. For example, the old unfashionable design can say that the website exists for a long time, which positively affects its promotion and position on the Internet. However, such site will have a high percentage of refusals, because people like all beautiful and ugly website is the site that will not sell.


  1. The site itself.

Are there any shortcomings or maybe missing Favicon? Most likely, they did not invest enough money in the development of the website, which indicates the lack of seriousness of the project. Those who know about the development of the website will immediately see non-professional shortcomings.


  1. Is the site regularly maintained?

Does it have a blog that is regularly updated? Do any additional features on the site appear regularly? It indicates that the website is developing, and even if it is not on the top of Google right now, throughout the work, it will necessarily reach the top.


  1. Do they invest in advertising?

Is there AdWords or advertisement on Facebook and Instagram? If so, this is a good sign. Advanced and developed social networks are also a very important aspect.

How much do you need such sites?

Ask yourself: how do I sell? Do I have representatives? Do representatives sell online or do they have an office?

If you sell directly and the sale is online, then you need to invest in online promotion. Even if you have representatives, and they sell online, you still need to invest in online promotion.

Usually, representatives work not only with you and they will offer different directions, but you need to sell your services. It means that you need to work with the mind of the buyer and make him want you. For this, you need to tell him about you, give him a lot of information and best of all in his native language.

On the Internet, there are a lot of English-language sites. It will be best to find a still undeveloped market of medical tourism with not so many competitors. Try to enter this market, and you will see that the return will be great.

However, for this, it is necessary to be able to take risks, analyze and, at least minimally, invest. And if you are a fan of sweet lies, then do not be surprised when you do not have patients.

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