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What is celebrity endorsement?

Celebrity endorsement is often used in Russia for the attraction of patients, and this method is very successful! Stars are opinion leaders, they put their activity on display in mass media. Everybody follows their lives and wants to look like them. Thus, the cunning companies offer monetary compensation for a post with the use of their logo.


And how does it work in medical tourism?


First, we need to identify the region from which we want to attract patients. We create the patient’s portrait, specifying his age, sex, and social status. Then we choose a star that seems like the best shot. We contact a manager of a celebrity and invite the star on a barter basis.

What does it mean? It means that a company invites a star, pays for a trip, and the celebrity advertises the company, medical facility or direction in general. Often such tactics are used in Thailand when they invite Russian stars. Some celebrities don’t agree to come without financial reward, but this issue can be dealt with as many stars are always open for negotiations.

celebrity endorsment

Inviting a star, it is necessary to agree on a strategy and number of posts. Often it is possible to invite journalists together with a celebrity. They will then write about the event in the media.

Posts in social networks have to be the most natural, and the star has to be really pleased. There is no sense in all this if your facilities aren’t at the highest level.

You can address us, and we will help you with your first experience of celebrity endorsement for free!

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