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Russian star Mitya Fomin on the hunt for a new health care destination.

Mitya Fomin is a well-known figure in the former Soviet Union countries despite the fact that his musical career began back in the late ’90s as a Hi-Fi band member. Since then he has built a successful solo career and his songs are played on the majority of the popular Russian radio stations.

It is a known fact that Mitya is a very sporty person who leads a healthy lifestyle. But in his spare time, he is also a caring and loving son who regularly travels abroad with his mother for recreational therapy. This year he decided to discover an amazing yet little-known medical direction of France, more specifically – a small French town of Le Mans situated 200 kilometers away from Paris. The town is widely known for its racing circuit and the annual race “24 Hours of Le Mans”, but there is more to it. Here you can find a multidisciplinary clinic Pôle Santé Sud where they achieve outstanding results thanks to highly-skilled professionals and innovative equipment. As a consequence, this French clinic Pôle Santé Sud is becoming more and more attractive to foreign patients. Normally, such high-level medical clinics are located in big cities which has a negative effect on the cost of treatment and accommodation. Whereas in a small town, you have the benefit of taking a break from the hustle and experiencing the real French life. And if you’re still in doubt, you should know that this clinic has 500 beds capacity and covers 98% of medical specialties!

Mitya Fomin became the second Russian star after Evelina Bledans who visited the clinic. The aim of the singer’s and his mother Tamara’s visit was to undergo a fast and thorough check-up. Mitya understands how important it is to have regular medical check-ups and he is sure that the French specialists are one of the strongest in preventive care. Mitya and his mother left the clinic in a good mood after having spent there only one day, as they both received excellent results and Mitya couldn’t help but smile saying that he is strong enough to fly into space! This was wonderful news for the singer and for his 84-years old mother.

Russian celebrity spent 5 days in Le Mans during which he visited the St. Julien Cathedral, the museum “24 Hours of Le Mans” and even meet for dinner with the Mayor and Senator of the National Assembly monsieur Jean-Claude Boulard.

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