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Peculiarities of booking websites

Booking websites gain more and more popularity, today we can book anything without effort, even a room in any clinic of the world. But are people ready to book surgeries just like they book hotels and restaurants? If you work in the field of medical tourism, then, for certain, you understand that such websites have had no great success. Their holders often must send one application to all the clinics that are on the website to give the impression that something is going on. But how many treatment applications got to the end and became successful?

Moreover, you should be cautious about such websites. Why? – Ask the directors of hotels about the percent that they pay today. Booking websites have monopolized the market, and everything related to them. Hotels have become the hostages of these websites.



booking websites


Cheapest is the dearest, and no risk, no champagne. Of course, posting the clinic on such websites, you risk nothing – it is free and helps to promote the clinic, but it’s just prima facie. Assuming that such websites will become popular and be in demand, you’ll lose more than you gain. It is better to spend a little more and invest money in information platforms which will present your medical facility without a possibility of booking.

Usually, such platforms request a payment for the publication of an article or profile, but the fact that it costs money is a positive moment. Everyone knows that free catalogs have no credibility and quickly turn into information garbage cans.

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