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Friendship with competitors is a win-win strategy
Friendship with competitors is a win-win strategy

April 13, 2018

We believe that competition is a positive and stimulating factor, and if you look at your competitor more as a partner, you can get not only financial benefits. This is especially true for such industry as medical tourism. see more

exchange of experience in modern medicine
Exchange of experience in modern medicine

March 7, 2018

Modern medicine is a complicated concept. There are no unambiguous answers to the questions about the problems that doctors face nowadays, about the relationship between medicine and health. see more

country image in medical tourism
Country image in medical tourism: paradoxes, targeting, positioning. And the ethical side of the issue

November 25, 2017

We know that the country image influences the perception of the product as a whole.
The brand of a product or service must either emphasize the producer's country or hide it on the contrary. It all depends on what image has the country of origin. see more

Patients you should stay away from
Patients you should stay away from

October 18, 2017

The customer is always right, and the patient who pays is essentially the same customer. In the eyes of any professional in the field of medicine, it is absolutely normal to feel compassion and empathy for a person who needs help. see more

Wrong choice in medical tourism
Wrong choice in medical tourism for the love of a candy-coated lie

September 29, 2017

When you start working with a new partner, you want to know as much as possible about him, and this is absolutely normal. However, you want not just to get information, but to see and hear what's right for you. And no matter how paradoxical it may sound, this is the main reason why you make BAD DECISIONS. see more

How to enter the medical market in France-
How to enter the medical tourism market in France?

September 25, 2017

Any competent manager knows that if he wants to succeed in the market, he must know it, but market knowledge alone is not enough. It is necessary to know the culture of the country, and this very important element will determine the manner of your work in this or that market. see more

is it a good strategy to offer a percent
Is it a good strategy to offer a percent?

August 16, 2017

“We often receive messages, like “give us patients, and we’ll give you a percent”. We reject them in 90% of cases because of many reasons. One of them is the direction itself, it means that it isn't beneficial for us to invest money in marketing and development of a certain direction for the commission which will never pay off” – said the representative of one of the largest organizers of medical travel in Europe. see more

The future of healthcare marketing
The future of healthcare marketing

August 9, 2017

Our colleague who lives and works in the USA someday told us a real story about the group of older persons talking about their grandchildren. The most curious was the fact that each of seventy-year-old (!) grandmothers and grandfathers had a smartphone in their arms on which they proudly showed photos and videos of their offspring. see more

market of aesthetic medicine
Aesthetic medicine: analysis and projections of the market

July 12, 2017

In the next five years, the market size of anti-aging medicine will grow by 7,5% and reach $216,52 billion by 2021. Such results gave Zion Market Research company.
Cosmetology procedures aimed at the fight against wrinkles, pigmentation and other problems of skin, as well as plastic surgery, trichology, and other directions are included in the anti-aging segment by analysts. see more

clinic promotion
Seven advertising trends for clinics in 2017

July 7, 2017

If you want to advertise your facility, you should know about such things as Internet promotion, SMM, retargeting, length of advertisement, Live SEO, mobility, and adaptability. see more

celebrity endorsment
What is celebrity endorsement?

June 8, 2017

Celebrity endorsement is often used in Russia for the attraction of patients, and this method is very successful! Stars are opinion leaders, they put their activity on display in mass media. Everybody follow their life and want to look like them. Thus the cunning companies offer monetary compensation for a post with the use of their logo. see more

european patients
How to attract the European patients?

June 2, 2017

Very often we focus on the market that we know very well and that brings already enough, losing an opportunity to enlarge the number of patients or even take it to the next level. What's stopping us from conquering the new markets? see more

booking websites
Peculiarities of booking websites

June 1, 2017

Booking websites gain more and more popularity, today we can book anything without effort, even a room in any clinic of the world. But are people ready to book surgeries just like they book hotels and restaurants? see more

ADMFTM France welcomed Ukrainian guests
ADMFTM met delegation from Ukraine with great pleasure

March 30, 2017

Medical tourism increases by quickly steps. Not long ago very few people were treated in other countries. That had happened because of many reasons: someone couldn’t afford medical treatment abroad for the financial reasons, someone didn't trust foreign medicine, preferring domestic one, someone didn't even think that it is beneficial. see more

ADMFTM at Moscow MedShow

March 24, 2017

The 8th Moscow MedShow Exhibition took place in Moscow on 17 - 18 March 2017. Its holding became regular, and the exhibition proved itself as one of the most famous events in the field of medical tourism. In Russia, this exhibition is one of the largest, therefore, participation in it is honorable and fruitful. see more

Meditravel will help the French to find the best clinics abroad

March 20, 2017

Almost 20 years has passed since the French medicine was recognized by WHO as a number one in the world but France not only did not lose the leading positions but also managed to strengthen them. see more

France at the exhibition InterMed

March 17, 2017

In Moscow, the eighth International exhibition of medical treatment abroad InterMed took place from March 14 to March 16, 2017. The best medical facilities from around the world took part in it. see more

Is it possible to trust the medical services aggregators?

February 7, 2017

In the modern world, it is rather simple to book inexpensive plane tickets, a little table in the good restaurant, a hotel at a discount on the Internet.
The websites, by means of which it is possible to compare any product and know about a discount, became an integral part of life of any ''advanced'' user. see more

French medical tourism Association at the World Congress on medical tourism and the world health care

January 27, 2017

ADMFTM (Association for the development of the French medicine and medical tourism), being the representative of the French medicine, took part in the World Congress on medical tourism and the world health care which was carried out on September 25-28 in Washington (District of Columbia). see more

French medical tourism Association at the Health Tourism Industry conference in Vienna

January 27, 2017

The Health Tourism Industry conference in Vienna on March 3-4 2016 was a revelation, which forced all of us to take a fresh look at medical tourism and compare the French medicine to the medical directions of other countries. see more


December 27, 2016

Important! For the attention of medical offices, clinics, hospitals, and other medical facilities (intermediaries) seeking to expand their business internationally. see more

Evelina Bledans, the Russian TV star brings her son to France to get a second medical opinion from French experts.

December 27, 2016

Evelina Bledans is an actress and TV presenter widely known for her struggle for rights of children with Down syndrome.. see more


December 27, 2016

L’ADMTF-TM participates in the Medical Tourism conference in Kiev 19-20 April 2016, focusing on trends and medical tourism development prospects in the world see more

Russian star Mitya Fomin on the hunt for a new health care destination.

December 27, 2016

Mitya Fomin is a well-known figure in the former Soviet Union countries despite the fact that his musical career began back in the late '90s as a Hi-Fi band member.... see more

The Honorary President

December 27, 2016

"Anyone who decides to seek treatment France can be sure to receive the best care, personal approach" see more

Le Mans city welcomes journalists from Russia

December 27, 2016

Medifrance Solution with the support of The French Medicine and Medical Tourism Development Association.... see more


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