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Meditravel will help the French to find the best clinics abroad


Meditravel helps the French to find the best clinics


Almost 20 years has passed since the French medicine was recognized by WHO as being number one in the world, but France not only did not lose the leading positions, but has managed to strengthen them. Nowadays, interest in the French medicine is very big in many areas of the world. This is because of many factors, among which it is necessary to mention high-technology services and reasonable prices for treatment.

In France, there are a lot of private and state clinics and resorts, which offer high-quality medical services. Comparing the cost of medical services in France and the USA, it is possible to note that the French medicine is 2-3 times cheaper, though the quality is pretty equal. And if earlier in France mostly the French citizens were treated, while foreigners preferred other countries, now the situation has cardinally changed.

Today, it is possible to tell that the number of foreign patients has increased several times and makes up to 40% of the total number of patients. Thanks to the highest level of medicine and its good prices, people from around the world go to France for treatment.

France in medical tourism

It is interesting to notice that in recent years medical tourism in France has begun to work more and more actively in two directions. Foreign tourists prefer to receive treatment in France even more often, and the French aren’t afraid to be treated in other countries. It does not seem to be a question of discontent with the French medicine, but because of the openness of the modern world.

The French began to travel more, and abroad there can be situations when the need for treatment appears. The French travel abroad for treatment, which isn’t covered by a national insurance (plasticity, dentistry, etc.).

Proven clinics for the French with Meditravel

As it often happens, it is really difficult to choose a high-quality clinic abroad, as there is a lot of deception now. Of course, almost nobody will trust unfamiliar doctors from foreign countries. First of all, you want to know that you won’t be deceived and you will get high-quality treatment.

New project Meditravel

The new project Meditravel will help you not to make the wrong choice. On this convenient portal in French, you will always find up-to-date information, descriptions, and ratings of the best foreign clinics. The site has a nice design and is very user friendly.

Meditravel will perfectly suit not only the French, but also all French-speaking people. Meditravel will help you to make the right choice!


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