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Is it possible to trust the medical services aggregators?

In the modern world, it is rather simple to book inexpensive plane tickets, a little table in the good restaurant, and a hotel at a discount on the Internet.

There are websites which allow you to compare any product and find out about a discount, and these have become an integral part of life of any ”advanced” user. There is an opinion that the aggregator websites care only for the consumer and his interests, however, if you know the principles of their work, then you’ll understand that these websites harm more, than they benefit and are especially dangerous when it concerns medical services.


The aggregator websites are impartial attendants of the buyer’s interests


  • It is quick:

Today, if you want to book a hotel, it is not necessary to make calls or visit countless websites; it is enough to visit only one, where you can watch videos or see photos, and comments and make your choice.

  • It is favorable:

By means of the aggregator website, it is very easy to find the cheapest plane tickets and the most favorable conditions, and thus take advantage of a discount or a unique offer.

  • It is convenient:

Filters significantly help to eliminate unnecessary offers correctly. Thanks to them, it is possible to find things that are necessary for users with a firm exactness.


Initially, the principle of work of the aggregator websites seems ingenious; they allow putting pressure on sellers, exposing them to the conditions of fierce competition. Moreover, an opportunity to leave comments and estimate services gives a clearer picture about the quality. However, everything is not so colorful as it seems at first glance.




The principle of work of the aggregator websites and why they are reaching their limit



There are initially several types of such websites:

Which are not moderated.

On these it is possible to place goods or services for free and everybody can leave a comment without a registration, or the procedure of it is maximum simplified. Information on these websites is unchecked. Unfortunately, such websites quickly turn into information garbage cans. These websites should not be trusted.

Information on these websites is unchecked. Unfortunately, such websites quickly turn into information garbage cans. These websites should not be trusted.

The websites with a paid placement.

On the aggregator websites with a paid placement, moderators check the information. Payment can be made in several ways: it is a percent from a sale or a payment for an opportunity to be published, or the consumer pays for the services of the website.

Why is it bad?

– Some famous aggregator websites, with an opportunity to book a hotel, are so well known that they have become ”star-struck” and have doubled the percentage for the booking. Many hotels, especially if it concerns small family or thematic hotels, which can’t afford such high prices, are turning away from these type of websites or only display a few rooms on them.

It is clear that for big hotels it is easier to take on the pressure of the aggregator websites, which on the one hand drag the prices of the hotels down due to the increased competition, and on the other hand takes away a considerable percentage for the sale. An owner of a small family hotel in Normandy admitted that if she sold all rooms through this kind of booking, then her hotel would stop being profitable.

Therefore, if you see that there are no more vacant rooms on the website, call the hotel, it is possible that in this way the room will cost you less than via the aggregator website.

  • In order for the website to mark your service or product as ‘’the best sales’’ or ‘’the choice of buyers,’, it is necessary to choose a percent of payment higher than the others. Thus, it is no more than advertising or marketing while we naively believe that this product is better.

    How often, finding inexpensive tickets on the aggregator websites, so we joyfully hurry to buy them, but after having passed an incredible number of steps, and having filled out the incalculable number of fields, we learn that the total price is different and not the best. Keep in mind that nowadays in many cases it is cheaper to buy tickets on the airline’s own website.

    At last, the most important thing are the responses! When only working in the sphere of sales and marketing, you will not trust the responses at all, but not all of us know that when it is necessary ”to kill” the competitor, it is enough for them to order a pack of negative responses. Unfortunately, good hotels, and restaurants become victims of unfair attacks by the competing hotels or restaurants, which are in many cases worse, than the ones who are unfairly dragged through the mud. This scheme works both ways; it is possible to tell a lot of good about a dirty hotel with cockroaches, especially for the money.


In what case can the aggregator websites become dangerous?


We notice that more and more aggregator websites have spread in the field of medicine. They allow comparing and booking clinics, and comments about doctors. Really, it is very convenient to book a clinic online, though it is not especially widespread, as this domain demands more information from the patient. Even nowadays, during the mass distribution of the Internet, it sounds implausible to book an operation online, however, this is our future. For this reason, while reading comments about clinics and doctors, considering the ”best” clinics on the aggregator website, never forget the principle of action of these websites because it is not the same thing as making a mistake with a hotel or the price of a plane ticket and miscalculating with a choice of a clinic or a doctor!


It is much better to address the medical facilitator, who will take the same percentage, but will always be prompt and support you throughout the treatment, and will also defend you if there’s a problem. And the website, which ”advised” you of this or that clinic will never bear responsibility for false, and at times even dangerous, data.

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  1. @Mary пишет:

    Here you know, earlier I always trusted practically to everything that I read on the Internet on different websites. Probably it was bound to the fact that the Internet was something new to me. Now I understand how many fraud is there including the medical services aggregators. Thanks for the information!

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