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Is it a good strategy to offer a percent?

is it a good strategy to offer a percent

“We often receive messages, like “give us patients, and we’ll give you a percent”. We reject them in 90% of cases because of many reasons. One of them is the direction itself, it means that it isn’t beneficial for us to invest money in marketing and development of a certain direction for the commission which will never pay off” – said the representative of one of the largest organizers of medical travel in Europe.

The offer to give a percent is some kind of shifting the responsibility of the most important work onto another’s shoulders. Besides, the percent will never cover either material costs or time-use activities. For this reason, such strategy can be appropriate only if your direction is a brand name, or you are one of the few who offer these services in your territory.

If you have many competitors, then it is necessary to offer something else. What else you can offer, we will discuss in another article. And now ask a simple question: why will they choose you? Why will they cooperate with you? – Because you’ll offer a percent? Everybody offer it.

One more pitfall is the commission itself. If you insist that treatment in your country is cheaper than in other countries, and you offer the percent from treatment, then just ask yourself: with whom will it be more favorable to work? – With the brand name Germany where the patient wants to go and we’ll learn more or with India where almost nobody wants to go for treatment.

Besides, treatment cost there is cheap, so, earnings will be much lower. In addition, you’ll risk the reputation because in the case of India and other similar countries you can never be sure everything will be good with the patient.

If you want a potential buyer to sign a contract with you and redirect you patients, it is necessary to make the patient come and ask for your direction or at best your company/clinic. Work on your e-reputation, distribute multilingual information about yourself on the Internet, forums, blogs.

Your website has to be practically ideal because the patient will surely visit it, and if you want him to choose you, you should provide him as much information as possible. Even when you book a hotel on the booking website, you look for testimonials, photos, and information on the hotel. If the patient doesn’t find all this, then he will hardly choose you. If you have a lot of signed contracts, but at the same time you haven’t got many patients, think, what you are doing wrong.

Everybody want to invest nothing, do a minimum of work and get a lot of patients, but it happens very seldom. It is interesting that in developed countries, especially in the USA, all managers understand that it is very important to invest money in the purchase of links and publications.

But if you still decide to work b2b, then you need to provide the advertising material and offer additional services which will distinguish you from your competitors. Maybe you have a thing, which would help a potential buyer to choose you!

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