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How to attract the European patients?

Very often we focus on the market that we know very well and that brings in enough already, thus losing an opportunity to enlarge the number of patients or even take it to the next level. What’s stopping us from conquering the new markets?

Today, the European market is one of the most mystical. On the one hand, it seems that the European patients have everything they need at home but on the other hand, it seems that we can’t afford them because in Europe there are a lot qualified specialists. Yes, it is possible to receive a small flow of patients from England or the United States of America. You know, the USA has something in common with Europe, as most of the citizens have health insurance, plus the level of medicine in the United States of America is very high. But we will talk about the market of the United States later, as it is a separate subject. Now, we will talk about Europe, namely France.

In France, there is one of the strongest healthcare systems in the world, a bigger part of expenses for treatment is paid by the state, while the quality of medical services is indisputably high. Does it mean that France is a “dead” market? Not at all, because more than 30 percent of the French go for treatment abroad.

 european patients

The first reason is surgeries that aren’t paid for by a state insurance – plastic surgeries and dentistry.

Also, in France there is a problem of “medical deserts”: in towns and villages, there aren’t enough specialists or facilities that create medical tourism within the country and beyond its limits.

In Europe, the question of health coverage isn’t regulated. There must be an agreement between the insurances of countries for the treatment to be paid for. Such agreements are rare and not all understand how exactly they work.

One of the most frequent types of tourism in France is Wellness tourism.

Today, two main directions of the French are  Eastern Europe, especially Hungary and Romania for dental care, and Tunisia for plastic surgery.


What is necessary for the French?


The first thing that the French need is information. They just must know that you exist and that it is possible to go to you for treatment.

But how can you distribute information in the country where advertising of medical services is forbidden? It is a difficult challenge.

The second thing is the existence of language. It means that your website and information should be in French. However, you shouldn’t think that the translation of your website into French can give you a top place in the French Google …

Attention! The translations must be read and corrected by native speakers, otherwise they won’t be long on your website.

Another important thing is trust … In Tunisia, they speak French and it is possible to find representations in France, as for Romania and Hungary, they invite the French doctors to maintain the trust of the patients.

You shouldn’t count on the translation of your website or advertising in social networks or AdWords. In France, medicine is a trusted product, so it is not a product at all. It can’t be advertised or sold. Find someone in France who will advertise you to the French!

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