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Friendship with competitors is a win-win strategy

Friendship with competitors is a win-win strategy

Very often, you can hear: “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” Unfortunately, to this day, many treat their competitors as real enemies, believing that they have to monitor them all the time. Some people even use different tricks and ugly methods trying to impede their competitors. Fortunately, such people are rare.


We believe that competition is a positive and stimulating factor, and if you look at your competitor more as a partner, you can get not only financial benefits. This is especially true for such industry as medical tourism. Let’s see why.

A big family


Medical tourism is not only clinics and healthcare intermediaries, it’s also all kinds of magazines, portals, associations and even scientists, because there are such authors as J. Connel, who devoted an incredible amount of their time to studying such a phenomenon as medical tourism. Surely, in the near future, there will be business schools and teachers of medical tourism, as well as special courses.


That’s because this branch, contrary to popular belief, is not a hybrid between tourism and health, it forms quite a separate discipline, which needs certain knowledge, skills, and abilities. And this means only one thing: from just a big family, we will turn into a very big family.

From competitors to partners


If you are doing your job qualitatively, you gain popularity, meet new people and, in the end, become known in your domain. The wider your popularity and the circle of acquaintances, the more likely that sooner or later you will be asked to provide a service in an area that you do not deal with.


Or maybe, if people know that you do not provide such services, it will be a direct request to advise someone reliable, whom they can trust. In this case, you have the opportunity to diversify your services and at the same time earn money.

You are a healthcare intermediary


For example, you are engaged in the organization of treatment in your country and, if you are doing it professionally, you will have a word of mouth from good reviews and a quality marketing strategy. Maybe you’ll receive applications for treatment in another country or city where you do not have a hospital. Or maybe it will be a treatment that you do not provide.


In such a situation, your competitors will be useful to you, not as your rivals but as partners. However, you must be confident in their professionalism, so as not to spoil your perfect image.

You are a medical tourism magazine, website or platform with a presentation of different directions


Do you think you will earn more by trying to monopolize the market or openly cooperating, partly advertising and praising your direct or potential competitors?


Clinging to each client as a unique opportunity to earn, zealously pushing yourself forward everywhere, you will be able to develop but only in the short run.


Think about the differences between you and your competitor. Now you have two solutions to the question: either focus on the points that distinguish you or completely repeat the model of the competitor but already taking into account the fact that specialization and concentration on something certain allow more successful and qualitative development.


By conducting joint events and cross-marketing campaigns, you increase your reputation and credibility of your organization. Any client on a subconscious level will be able to figure out the “embittered pariah”, which is hostile and working an angle. As practice shows, such companies quickly lose interest and trust.


In general, the humiliation of the competitors is a sign of the most obvious unprofessionalism! If your competitor is unprofessional, you have the right not to cooperate with him and not to seek common points of contact.


As for customers, they do not need to be warned, they will see and understand everything themselves. And you need to stay close to professionals, minimize advertising and development costs through mutual cooperation, share experiences, conduct partnership programs – and this is a real winning strategy!


Therefore, cooperate, communicate, mutually develop, think globally and in the long run! Let’s do such a simple exercise: Identify 5 different competitors and write down for each of them your differences and your similarities. Then write to each of them, offering joint cooperation, based on your differences, and this will be the first step to a competent strategy building.

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