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French medical tourism Association at the World Congress on medical tourism and the world health care

ADMFTM (Association for the development of the French medicine and medical tourism), being the representative for French medicine, took part in the World Congress on medical tourism and the world health care, which was carried out  September 25-28 in Washington D.C. (District of Columbia). This annual meeting of the world community in the health arena allowed the Association to present  French medicine to the world.

As a representative of  French medicine, ADMFTM could accommodate those patients, who wanted to be operated or undergo treatment abroad. We were surprised when we discovered that no French medical organization was presented at such an important event. Really, thousands of professionals from such countries as Italy, Spain, Israel and Korea, came together at the Congress for advancing and improving the medical sphere of the country, which is quite logical, considering that the direction of medical tourism develops is happening very quickly and is very diverse.

Meanwhile, France was nicely welcomed as the country with great medicine. During this conference, the Association for the development of the French medicine and medical tourism, together with Céline Jaeggy (the representative of health care and social policy of the Embassy of France in the United States of America), was rewarded for the excellent quality of medical services and foreign clients’ care. Numerous advantages of France were positively perceived by the world community: the country with a high level of medicine using advanced technologies with competitive prices for the provided services. With medicine, which is focused, first of all, on the person and his problems, France was positioned as the leader among the countries offering treatment for foreign clients.

Many organizations in the healthcare arena testified on the level of France as the country with a first-class level of medicine. According to Taylor Stobie, responsible for the development of AMT (Association of Medical Tourism), France has all the necessary qualities to be the best medical country for foreign patients. It is no wonder that the number of persons interested in receiving treatment in France is steadily growing.

The medical tourism direction occupies one of the leading places in the national policy of the healthcare of France. During the Congress on medical tourism and the world healthcare, many its participants and representatives came from Egypt, USA, India, Saudi Arabia, Canada and many other countries looked for the country, which could offer its clients high-quality medical services and a high level of care. It is not surprising that France was in great demand among these countries.

It is also important to note that representatives of such countries as Croatia, Georgia and Turkey expressed their readiness to develop medical tourism in Europe, and, in particular, in France as this type of medical direction is still not known well enough among representatives from the above-mentioned countries. During the mission of promoting  French medicine in the world, ADMFTM, together with Medifrance Solution, could impress the audience with the attractiveness of France for medical tourism, along with its opportunities and achievements as a country with a strongly developed healthcare system.

France was known earlier in the world mainly as a tourist country, therefore there is a certain deficit concerning its world fame in the sphere of medicine. In this regard, the Association for the development of the French medicine and medical tourism presented artificial hips, which are available in France at reasonable prices, having noted the distinguished and difficult process of the technology of prosthetics as a mini-invasive approach.

In addition, ADMFTM produced the evidence of the perfection of esthetic surgery in France, referring to the examples of various medical practices (abdominoplasty, lifting and prosthetics of the mammary gland…), innovative methods of cancer therapy (by means of robotic surgery to perform prostatectomy in the treatment of a prostate cancer or within the tests of clinics in the treatment of a mammary gland). The capacity of France as a medical country is still insufficiently exposed, but at the same time, France has every right to be called the best medical country for the foreign patients wishing to use high-quality medical services at reasonable prices abroad.

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