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France at the exhibition InterMed

In Moscow, the eighth International exhibition of medical treatment abroad InterMed took place from March 14 to March 16, 2017. The best medical facilities from around the world took part in it. Practically all of them worked earlier with patients from Russia or planned to do it. Representatives of the lead medical facilities of the world showed their readiness to provide the Russians with medical services at the highest level. The exhibition was very useful and informative both for its participants and for the guests.


France at InterMed


At the exhibition were presented such well known in medical tourism countries as Germany, Israel, Austria, Switzerland, India, South Korea and many others.

Participation of France

Separately worth noting that in comparison with the previous exhibitions, this year France took part in it. This is a real milestone event for this country because it is quite young in the field of medical tourism, therefore, presence on such a large-scale exhibition, certainly, will help the French medical facilities to meet many interesting people, know the Russian market and wishes of the Russian patients better.

Besides, it gives France one more chance to make a statement, having shown all benefits of treatment in this country. Today more and more foreigners choose France as the place for treatment abroad that is caused by the high level of the medicine and its rather inexpensive prices.

Literally, in the last couple of decades, the situation radically changed. If earlier France was not considered, as the country with remarkable and inexpensive medicine for many foreigners, then their number has been substantially increased in recent years. Nowadays the number of foreign patients can reach a point of the whole 40%.



French medicine was presented at InterMed


It is hardly surprising that at the eighth International exhibition of medical treatment abroad InterMed, France was in great demand and had no end of interest from persons interested in better acquaintance with its medicine.

Multiple meetings with potential patients, establishing business contacts with new and old partners, developing positions in the market of Russia, increasing trust relations and recognition among patients became the result of the exhibition for France. Treatment in France is a unique opportunity to combine rest, studying of the most beautiful local sights and original French culture with highly skilled medical care.

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