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Exchange of experience in modern medicine

exchange of experience in modern medicine

Modern medicine is a complicated concept. There are no unambiguous answers to the questions about the problems that doctors face nowadays, about the relationship between medicine and health.

It is unlikely to find at least one person who will deny the enormous progress of medicine in the last 20-30 years. Indeed, during this time there was a huge leap that includes the improvement of the technical equipment of medical facilities, the ability to diagnose the vast majority of diseases at the stage of inception, the possibility to accelerate the recovery and restore the working capacity of the person who sought help.

No one seems to be much impressed by most modern operations and techniques these days. Modern medicine includes a huge number of different branches and specializations, from traumatology and transplantology to oncology and plastic surgery. Modern doctors have learned to do real miracles, saving seemingly hopeless patients, restoring beauty and youth, giving chance to live.

Of course, not all doctors are professionals, not all clinics are equipped with the latest technology, and just a trivial experience is not enough for everyone. Even the most skillful doctors were once inexperienced pupils, and without good teachers how can you learn something?

And it is very good that modern medicine is actively using such a helpful thing as the exchange of experience. There are many regular conferences, seminars, webinars, where the best doctors share their extensive experience. In addition, there is a practice according to which doctors can travel for a certain time to another country for the exchange of experience, for gaining new knowledge.

Today there are so-called sister clinics that cooperate with each other for the sake of one remarkable goal – to teach foreign colleagues something new and to learn something new from them. For example, in France, there is excellent medicine and highly qualified specialists who are always open to communication and ready to share their experience.

If you are the director or head physician of the clinic and want to cooperate with the French clinic, you can write them, and you will certainly get an answer. If you are afraid of being treated arrogantly or disdainfully, then do not even think about it. French understand that there are no bad or good doctors and medical facilities because any experience is valuable and useful.

Surely many people know the famous Latin proverb: Docendo discimus – by teaching, we learn. When we teach others, we learn something new.

As Socrates once said: “The only thing I know is that I know nothing”. No specialist, even the most experienced and qualified, can know absolutely everything, so it is very important that doctors constantly communicate with each other and exchange invaluable experience and knowledge that will help them become only better!

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