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Evelina Bledans, the Russian TV star brings her son to France to get a second medical opinion from French experts.

Evelina Bledans is an actress and TV presenter widely known for her struggle for rights of children with Down syndrome. During the pregnancy, she learned that her son would be different from others. Nevertheless, she made the tough decision to keep the child and offer him a chance to find out what life is. Ever since she proves in her social media and interviews that ‘different’ children can be happy too, giving hope to all parents in the same situation. Her son has its own Instagram page carefully managed by his father. As it is marked in the description, ‘this page seeks to change the attitude towards special people and teaches unconditional love’. Today little Semen has over 250,000 subscribers.

Unfortunately, these special children have rather fragile health which requires regular monitoring. Although Semen does not experience heart problems as most other children with Down syndrome, he does have strong astigmatism and some orthopedic problems. Having received no clear answers in Russia, his mother decided to consult French specialists of the Tours pediatric clinic. Indeed, the Clocheville University Hospital is known for its expertise covering a wide range of pathologies adapted to the most complex pediatric conditions. Professor Lardy and Professor Odent were very glad to get acquainted with little Semen and Evelina was impressed with the professionalism of the doctors and the hospital conditions. However, during the orthopedic consultation, her fears regarding little boy’s knee dislocation were confirmed by Professor Odent who recommended a quick surgical treatment. While the parents are considering this procedure, we wish them good health and a long happy life.

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