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Aesthetic medicine: analysis and projections of the market

market of aesthetic medicine

In the next five years, the market size of anti-aging medicine will grow by 7,5% and reach $216,52 billion by 2021. Such results gave Zion Market Research company.

Cosmetology procedures aimed at the fight against wrinkles, pigmentation and other problems of skin, as well as plastic surgery, trichology, and other directions are included in the anti-aging segment by analysts.

Besides the procedures related to the change of a person’s appearance, cellular and peptide therapy, dietology, physiotherapy, detox and other directions are also included in the anti-aging segment.

Market size of anti-aging medicine was estimated at $140,3 billion in 2015, and it will reach $216,52 billion by 2021. Key players of the market are manufacturers of medical equipment, cosmetics and cosmetology products, for example, Personal Microderm, Alma Lasers, Solta Medical, Allergan, L’Oreal, Merck & Company Inc, Johnson & Johnson and others.

Market growth factors are the following: population aging, urbanization, and development of appropriate technologies, but strict regulation constrains this growth in the developed countries.

According to the Stratistics MRC company, the highest share of this market is occupied by laser technologies. This direction is especially popular in Europe, and in the last three years, it is gaining momentum in Asia.

Analysts predict that portable laser devices aimed at using at home will become one of the drivers of market growth. Demand for a remedy for wrinkles is distributed more evenly, but it is more pronounced in the Asian countries.

According to Analytical Center Vademecum, the market of cosmetology injections was sized at 12 million manipulations in 2016. For the first time, residents of European countries usually address cosmetologists at the age of 30–35.

As a rule, patients prefer early prevention or low-invasive procedures allowing to prevent and postpone emergence of age changes, and also to postpone surgery.

The first observations of patients between the ages of 31 and 72 showed that peptide therapy in combination with compliance with individual nutrition regulations allows reducing biological age of the patient for 1-2 years in 12 months.

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