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ADMFTM met delegation from Ukraine with great pleasure

Medical tourism continues to increase  quickly. Not long ago very few people were treated in other countries. That had happened because of many reasons: some couldn’t afford medical treatment abroad for  financial reasons, some didn’t trust foreign medicine, preferring domestic care, and some didn’t even think that it was beneficial.


To our great pleasure, today everything has changed. The world has become more open and people look for the most favorable and preferable options for themselves. In medical tourism, it is possible to call France a newcomer, but it has already managed to make a statement and this direction is promptly gaining popularity.

Arrival of guests from Ukraine


The other day representatives of one of the biggest diagnostic centers in Ukraine came to France. They visited Le Pôle Santé Sud clinic, and Victor Hugo oncologic center. This meeting was organized by the Ukrainian association for medical tourism.

ADMFTM France welcomed Ukrainian guests

Victor Hugo oncologic center


The Ukrainian guests who visited clinic were surprised by the modern technical plateau and equipment, which they didn’t see in their homeland. In the oncologic center, they especially liked four devices from the last generation on speeding up radio particles. In addition, in Victor Hugo oncologic center there are one of the highest rates of survivors, test treatment, and prices are much lower than in Paris.


Le Pôle Santé Sud clinic


Le Pôle Santé Sud clinic also impressed guests from Ukraine. They especially liked the medical equipment of the last generation, 18 operational Da Vinci robots and unusual logistics. The last one assumes that in the clinics everything necessary for operation is prepared in advance to save the doctor from excess efforts and searches and allow him to concentrate only on operating.

ADMFTM met Ukranian guests

A signed cooperation agreement became available as a result of the meeting. It assumes treatment in these medical facilities for all those who want to receive high-quality treatment at good prices. Also, there will be a constant exchange of experience between doctors, as the French experts will show their skills to the Ukrainian doctors, who will be able to come to France to get training and experience that will help them in their own country.

Ukrainian delegation in France

Any French doctor will be able to take a ward and share his knowledge. In addition, the Ukrainian clinic is interested in the purchase of  written-off equipment from the French clinics. Medical equipment in the French facilities is renewed often, and in many cases not because of its failure. France opens more and more and is ready to exchange experiences with all countries, which need it!



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