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ADMFTM at Moscow MedShow

ADMFTM at Moscow MedShow

The 8th Moscow MedShow Exhibition took place in Moscow on 17 – 18 March 2017. Its holding has become a regular event, and the exhibition has proven itself as one of the most famous events in the field of medical tourism. In Russia, this exhibition is one of the largest, therefore, participation in it is honorable and fruitful.

With the stabilization of the geopolitical and economic situation and growth of positive publications in mass media, the exhibition has attracted a sufficient number of participants, showing that the situation in the field of medical and spa tourism is starting to stabilize and acquire positive characteristics.


The signals from the last Moscow MedShow show the recovery, with the stable trend of the demand increase that has been observed since the end of last year. A wide selection of destinations on Moscow MedShow has grown to 23 countries.

Regular participants noticed the positive changes in the quality of visitors and the effectiveness of meetings with professionals in the field of medical tourism that happened in many ways because of a renewed advertising campaign from Moscow MedShow.


Participation of ADMFTM


French medicine at Moscow MedShow

Besides our association, the set of other clinics and associations from other countries was presented at the exhibition. Association for the development of the French medicine and medical tourism made friends with many participants and agreed on mutually beneficial cooperation, which will promote the beneficial development of medical tourism for both countries.

It is not a secret that medicine in Russia lags behind the French medicine. The same holds true for the services rendered in this area. For this reason, it was very important to exchange medical experiences. There was an arrangement that the Russian doctors will be able to come to  France for professional development and training.

Also at the exhibition, Association for the development of the French medicine and medical tourism met a great number of partners among them being foreign medical portals, platforms, and magazines.


ADMFTM participated at Moscow MedShow

Also, there was no shortage of pleasant surprises, which includes meeting with our countrymen. At the exhibition, we saw such French clinics as infirmerie protestante clinique de Marseille et clinique St Charles.

It was very pleasant for us to see that the French clinics are open for patients from other countries. And if the quality of the French medicine is known for a long time as one of the best in the world, its good prices have now become a pleasant surprise for many clients.



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  1. @Steve пишет:

    I watch closely news in medical tourism because this subject is very interesting for me. Certainly, I heard about this exhibition in Moscow, but unfortunately couldn’t go there because I had no time. It was interesting to read about it. Good work, guys!

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