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Seven advertising trends for clinics in 2017

clinic promotion

Spending on Internet promotion


The situation is twofold. On the one hand, the cost of Internet promotion will increase because of the drop in the efficiency of advertising in printed media or on television, impossibility to measure conversion from classical advertising and the unavailability of consumers to spend. Many will switch from “offline” to less vulnerable to economic swings “online.”

On the other hand, the crisis will lead to the drop-in service prices of advertising agencies, Internet marketing specialists and SEO optimizers, therefore, discount offers will grow and become more global. Thus, Internet marketing will become an inexpensive and good investment, but overall spending on it will increase compared to classical advertising.

Variety of SMM


Familiar social networks (Facebook, VKontakte, etc.) will be replaced by more specialized ones – Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+… So, it will be possible to reach out to “your” audience by means of its language: whether it will be photos of food or video with red kittens. In 2017, the strategy of simultaneous promotion on several social networks (already known, and only up-and-coming) will become popular.

Efficiency of retargeting


This year won’t change anything in the growing popularity of retargeting: online stores will make everything (or practically everything) to keep visitors and convince them to buy something. In 2016, specialists of MarinSoftware interviewed regular marketing specialists and found out that 88% have already mastered this tool, and over a half (56%) are going to use it in the future. Among perspective directions are retargeting (81% of the interviewed marketing specialists have already used it), keyword optimization (77% of respondents) and social networks (48% of respondents).

Importance of content marketing


In 2016, content marketing has established itself and it is constantly developing. It dictates its own rules of the game, ways of promotion and methods of communication with the audience. Valuable content is made of gold: virality and interactivity are coming to the fore. Analysts from HopInTop claim that it is the most promising and perspective instrument of promotion on the Internet. With its help, it is possible to get in the TOP of Yandex and Google, find new clients, and even create loyal audiences reading the blog of the company. Even if they buy nothing, their reposts and comments put bricks in the foundation of a successful brand.

Short advertisement


Advertising message in just one “tweet” is a good tendency. Ad makers don’t use long unnecessary explanations anymore! Now everything strives for clarity and brevity: there is a thing, it’s cool, buy it. Well, that makes sense as the 21st century is the century of hurrying people who have no time to listen to speeches of talkative marketing specialists to the end. The motto of 2017 advertising production – “Get to the point without further ado.”

Live SEO


Social signals turn into “kings” of SEO tools: search engines take into account likes, comments, reposts and other manifestations of user favor to the content of a website or a blog. Their role is constantly increasing. At the end of 2016, social signals have outweighed external links and who knows what will happen by the end of 2017?

Mobility and adaptability


Today, websites can adapt to the display of user’s tablet or smartphone is a must-have for any self-respecting business. Adaptive page making and design, together with logical and convenient usability have already proved their ability to attract even an inappropriate audience. Analysts from HopInTop note that tendencies of 2017 are the same as of 2016: adaptability, the simplicity of website navigation and mobile application capable of following the client from his iPad to iPhone, from his iPhone to iPod and so on.

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